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ETFr is a craft company far from industrial manufacturing products. Hand Made, according to your wishes, with the concern for detail and perfection. ETFr offers custom holsters in a large catalog. And for the most audacious and the most manual, a DIY section (Do it Youself). ETFr has a long experience in the field of law enforcement and sports. ETFr is proud to count among its customers, many police officers, gendarmes, military and sports competitors.

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ETFr is a"Veterans Business" member, grouping companies run by French Veterans around common values.

His motto: "To serve before being served"


ETFr holsters are made from KYDEX® and HOLTEX® thermoformable sheets. 0.080 "(2 mm) and 0.093" (2.4 mm) thick.
Custom Printing "Infused" is also offered with a infinity of pictures.

ETFr offers the possibility to create your custom holster.
ETFr has many molds for more than 300 weapons and tactical lights.


Why ETFr is the best choise?

Because ETFr uses the best kydex thickness for high quality holster production.

The .080 " is indeed the best compromise between a solid and flexible holster that will take care of your weapon.



Because ETFr is concerned about the best job well done.

The edges are polished "mirror". Kydex will not risk cutting you, or damaging your clothes, in addition to its irreproachable aesthetic effect, guaranteeing a high quality of manufacture.


Because ETFr does not deliver one of its holsters without having previously checked the retention. It even offers for most of its holster an adjustable retention system consisting of screws and spacers.


Because ETFr heals every line of your holster with the same attention to detail.

Each holster is made by hand, without any pattern that would reproduce thousands identical holsters.

Your holster will be in its own way a unique piece, the result of French craftsmanship.


Because ETFr knows how to manufacture your personalized holster, in the colors of your group, duty service ....) without additional delay.

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Your shop is open :


Tuesday to Friday: 10:00 to 12:30 / 01:30 to 07:00

Saturday : 10:00 to 12:30 / 01:30 to 18:00




24 rue de l'ail 

67000 Strasbourg




+33 9 80 88 12 75




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